An ocean of meaning in a drop of language

Went to a reading last night.  They happen here too, yes! The poet who read was one of the founding writers of Bahamian literature (which is a fledgling literature, and which will not likely be found on many websites), whose work I studied in school (considering that there was no recognition of local writers in any curriculum before the 1970s, it’s safe to say that mine was the first generation to study local literature and/or history.  Back in those days, there was one writer whose works were on syllabus — this one.

Anyway, the rest isn’t important, except for this:  her definition of poetry was this:  “An ocean of meaning in a drop of language.”  Now I may be betraying yet more ignorance here, but I simply assumed that the expression was hers — she’s a poet, after all. But it may not be, and if it’s derived from something else, let me know.

Just wanted to share. 


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