Some gifts just keep on giving.

Some time ago, Rob McKenzie emailed a couple of his  writing friends to suggest that we submit work for The London Magazine, which was going through a transition and needed to get material for their next issue pretty smartly.  I sent in some stuff.  Regular readers of this blog will know that it’s already paid off for me in ways that were unexpected, and that’s all good.

(It’s better than good, actually; getting a publication in a magazine you didn’t query is pretty doggone excellent in my book.  Thanks Niki and Sara-Mae and Rob!)

So yesterday the gift kept giving.  I got an email inviting me to read at Pencilfest, a literary festival scheduled for the University of Warwick in May.  Big stuff, complete with live broadcast by Radio Four, the works.

Unfortunately, they can’t cover international travel, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to let the opportunity pass.  Tickets to cross the Atlantic are exorbitant (you can get good deals if you book WELL in advance, but  a month or two out, not a chance).  But it’s the most exciting thing to happen to me and my writing for a while.

Thanks, London Magazine and Trespass!


6 thoughts on “Pencilfest

  1. It is. If it weren’t for some home improvements that we made last year and the fact that we’ve been a one-income family for a while (the husband works free-lance, and last year wasn’t his best year in a long shot) I might have made the sacrifice, but it isn’t even remotely possible at this stage.

  2. I would say they the organizing committee at Pencilfest as very good taste.
    I hope you might consider recording some the poems you would be reading there,
    if you were able attend. I really enjoyed your recording of the Elliot piece.

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