Acceptance from Anti-

*ahem* Edited to make the actual announcement.

I’ve heard from Steve Schroeder over at Anti- that two of my Lily poems were accepted for publication. Which ones? “The Preacher Man Saves Lily’s Soul (1914)” and “The Carpenter Seals Lily’s Widowhood (1943)”. I can’t begin to explain my elation. Both are favourites of mine. “Preacher Man” has been in progress for years and years (pace Julie), while “Carpenter” came almost complete, and needed only a few tweaks here and there for wording, clarity, and semi-form (it wants to masquerade as a sonnet, which it really isn’t, and so I made some concessions). Woo-hoo!!

Couple of months ago, when Anti- was launched, I posted this on my blog. At that time, I said

Found this interesting:


I agree poetry should improve the bare page — or the bare screen, in most of the cases I’m familiar with these days. (Is there such a thing as a bare screen?) Three problems, though.

  1. Be sure you read contemporary poetry.”
  2. “Posting drafts to an online workshop or blog is not previously published provided they’re removed prior to submission.”
  3. “Anything the editor can Google is previously published.”

Hm. Pretty well everything I consider worth publishing has been workshopped online, and not all workshops purge.

And today, when I thought I’d trawl through my caught spams, I discovered this response to that post:

Hi Scavella:

Sorry I wasn’t aware of this post earlier. I think workshops not purging old posts is a terrible idea, which was one of two key reasons I quit posting at PFFA long ago. I think you’ll find me much more accommodating of online workshopping than a lot of editors.

Steve S
Friday, January 25, 2008

Thanks Steve, thanks Julie, thanks all!

Oh, and I figured out what I was anti- as well.

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