Avatar Review 10

The issue’s live, and it’s lovely to look at.

It’s exciting to be a part of it.  It’s even more exciting to see what’s in it.  It’s worth a good, long wallow, I think.

People I know/have workshopped with whose work is in it:

Nic Sebastian

Howard Miller

David Anthony

Graham Burchell

and our very own

Julie Carter

is the featured poet.  Yay!

Congratulations to the editorial board, which features even more of the people I’ve met through workshops — and to Paula Grenside in particular, who accepted my poem and edited me — though we both missed one small detail, which I’ll leave you all to figure out.


3 thoughts on “Avatar Review 10

  1. Loved your sevenling! It is great issue, with PFFA being so ably represented. It is something that is happening quite a lot lately. Hope is it is contagious.

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