Africa Reading Challenge [2]

Started it here, and am doing it here, but for the record, I’ll duplicate it here too.  This is what I said originally, on Blogworld

There’s a reading challenge going on this year that I’d like to alert people to, just in case.

It’s the Africa Reading Challenge:

Participants commit to read – in the course of 2008 – six books that either were written by African writers, take place in Africa, or deal significantly with Africans and African issues.  (Read more if you like!)

You can read whatever you want, but of the six books, I recommend a mixture of genres. For example, you might select books from each of the following:

  1. Fiction (novels, short stories, poetry, drama)
  2. Memoir / autobiography
  3. History and current events

I also recommend reading books from at least 3 different countries.  The challenge is for 2008, but if you feel like jumping in now: karibu sana!

There’s help for the challenge.  For example, there’s this list of Africa’s 100 Best Books of the 20th Century, compiled by a committee selected by the Zimbabwe Book Fair and published on the web by Columbia University Libraries.

And here’s the list put together by the challenger.

That said, this is my list:

  • Adichie (Nigeria) – Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun
  • Emecheta (Nigeria) – The Joys of Motherhood
  • Ngugi (Kenya) – Wizard of the Crow
  • Baingana (Uganda) – Tropical Fish: Tales from Entebbe
  • Lalami (Morocco) – Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits    REVIEW
  • Gourevitch (Rwanda) – We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with our Families
  • Ilibagiza (Rwanda) – Left to Tell


4 thoughts on “Africa Reading Challenge [2]

  1. Yay-hey, Julie, I just sent some Bahamian titles (accessible online) to Harry for that challenge — they’re in one of his comments. I’ll see if I can copy them over to you.

    Your challenge seems like a cool one too.

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