Two years ago, roundabout, I began blogging about CARIFESTA, the Caribbean Festival of Arts, a festival that’s held in the Caribbean every two years (sort of) and that features all the art forms.  Back then, I said:

How many other festivals do you people know like this?

i.e. regional (as in international, not sub-national) arts festivals that are multidisciplinary and polyglot?

Question(s) – burning a hole in my brain « Scavella’s Blogsphere.

Back then, too, I was posting because (a) I’d never been to CARIFESTA in the past, though I’d always wanted to go; (b) I was going as part of my job (it’s the best thing about my job, and almost worth all the other hassles, but not just quite yet); (c) our country was supposed to be hosting CARIFESTA X and I wanted to begin the buzz in even a very little way.

I posted updates here and here and here and here.  Oh, go here for the full set of links.

Back then, too, the next festival was supposed to be held in The Bahamas, i.e. home.  But a general election intervened, and what can happen in Caribbean nations happened — the new administration reviewed and reconsidered the commitments made by the previous administration, and decided that it couldn’t cope with CARIFESTA X in Nassau in 2008.  So we dropped the festival and Guyana picked it up.

And we’re off to the festival.  My job is the same, so once again I’m heading up the Bahamian contingent.  Once again it’s a big one, and once again logistics on the ground are a major headache.  So I’m leaving on Sunday for Guyana, the long way (our contingent, lucky beasts, are flying direct via charter).  Today is last-minute stuff, like making sure the government gives me the money I’ll need to get things done.

It’s going to be a blast.

You can find more info here.

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