Newness & Husbands

I don’t always like to do things like this but. I have a husband who lives for surprises and delights. Good surprises. Like the good surprise he gave me today.

So I’m working on my podcast. (If you ever follow my other blog you’ll know that I’ve taken on the task of making weekly podcasts. The subject is not guaranteed to thrill, unless you’re an economist interested in the sustainable development of small island nation states. And hubs says to me as he’s putting on his shoes:

Why don’t you go for a swim? If you start working on that now you never will.

If I don’t, I say, I’ll spend all day tomorrow doing it.

Off he goes. And he comes back with some packages. (one day I’ll describe how we get our mail.) One of these packages is a box about yea big and so long — in short, about the size of a new laptop computer.

Is that what I think it is? I say.

What do you think it is? says he.

A new computer, say I.

Open it and see, says he.

Long story short:


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