Happy New Year, of course

It’s 2009, which means that I’m no longer a civil servant.

And yes, that’s cause for celebration.

I thought I’d post a couple of images just to move the process along.The quality isn’t what I’d want it to be, but as I took them from my phone I’m not complaining.


The first one is a wannabe photo. I walked outside on  Tuesday to collect the hammock in which I’d been lying, and stopped. On the telephone wires, silhouetted against the backdrop of the sky you see in the pic, was the waterbird that hangs out round our pool. It used to find a habitat in the empty lot that has since become a warehouse in the middle of our neighbourhood (don’t ask), along with taller, whiter birds (egrets, I’m guessing, but I’m not a bird person so I don’t know for sure). Behind the bird was the brand-new crescent moon, floating on its back in a limpid sky. And then there was the streetlight in the corner of the frame. Of course I was cameraless and phoneless and knew that if I dashed back into the house to get one the whole thing would change. And sure enough. When I came back out, a cloud had covered the moon, and by the time I was where I’d been before, the bird was gone.

But use your imagination anyway.

Pink Panthers - outriders for the Valley Boys Junkanoo Group Boxing Day 2008
Pink Panthers - outriders for the Valley Boys Junkanoo Group Boxing Day 2008

The rest are pictures from Boxing Day Junkanoo — my last Junkanoo in my official position. For the first time I sat in the VIP section, using the passes I received. It was a strange experience. Nobody was asking me to do anything except sit there and watch, so I did. The problem with the iPhone is that it is bad at capturing objects in motion, so there’s a lot of blur in the photos. Some of it I’m going to pretend is artistic blur. The rest, well, I’m not gonna post.

... Music: bells ...
... Music ...
... Music: Drums ...

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, of course

  1. Hey! Welcome to the brave, exciting world of the ex-Civil-Servant. We have a clubhouse, of course, and a special club cocktail for those times when that fear-y worm – “what the heck have I done?!?” – prods in the nether pit of your guts.

    Our only rules are: do your best; and slay the world with your creative might.

    Oh, and a happy (and prosperous!) 2009 to you and yours from me and mine!

  2. YES!! I knew you were out there, somewhere, a year or so ahead of me. Does the feeling of fresh new liberating feeling ever go away? Or even when you are being gnawed by the worm are you in the neverland of joy and happiness?

    Right back atcha with the New Year’s wishes.

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