100 novels everyone should read – Telegraph

100 novels everyone should read – Telegraph

A Telegraph selection of the essential fiction library

So I’ve read 29 of these books. Specifically:

100, 99, 96, 82, 81, 79, 78, 77, 73, 62, 53, 52, 50, 48, 46, 42, 39, 38, 34, 30, 27, 22, 21, 20, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4.

I have not included those that I started but didn’t finish, which would be a list of 10 more.

And then there were those I was supposed to read but didn’t, which would be about 10 more again.

The comments say it all. And more.


3 thoughts on “100 novels everyone should read – Telegraph

  1. I think I’ve read about 54 of them. Like all such lists, once people start pointing out what’s missing, it’s seems ridiculous, but then, mentally swapping books out and replacing them with ones which I think are missing, I came to the conclusion that 100 novels just isn’t enough. Or too many. It would be an interesting exercise trying to come up with one’s own list.

    And I really must read Eugene Onegin, which for some reason is the one book on the list it really bugs me that I haven’t read.

  2. 41. And ~15 in part. Jeez. Although I do come close to agreeing with “Middlemarch” as #1; it’s the only 900+ page novel in which absolutely nothing happens but still remains ceaselessly fascinating.

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