So long, MJ?

I’m not normally starstruck. And when my husband told me, twenty minutes ago, that Michael Jackson had been found not breathing at his home, having suffered cardiac arrest, I didn’t feel a whole lot of sympathy for him.

The reason? I’ve been convinced for the last twenty years or so that Michael Jackson died after Thriller, and that the person we’ve been calling MJ is the clone.

But now that the word is out that they couldn’t revive him, that he might be dead, it’s hit me. This is the boy who sang me through my childhood. Fine, so he was four years older than me, and Randy is closer to my age, but Michael Randy ain’t, and fifty is way too young to die.

Course, if it was the clone … well, as anybody knows, copies lose quality as they replicate, and lose length of life. So fifty for a clone …

5 thoughts on “So long, MJ?

  1. I think I have figured out why MJ was such an ‘iconic’ figure…for the fist part of his life he was a black man to whom whites could relate, and the latter part of his life he was a white man to whom blacks could relate…

  2. hi,
    i m rumana from Bangladesh.i have been listen MJ songs since i was five.only me and my God knows what i have lost.And i want to say that i loved him..and i m loving him….and i’ll love him as long as i stay in this world.i can not say nothing more than that……..may God will take pity on him…..

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