Tongues of the Ocean Issue 2 closes

Over at tongues of the ocean, we’ve wrapped up the second issue.

Every Sunday, when the two new poems are published, I think we haven’t got all that much to show for the work. And then we come to moments like today, and the list of poems published speak for themselves.

Here are a couple of poems that have extra-special meaning for me:

Play Time with Nursery Rhyme – a spoken word piece I’ve always for its playfulness and for the confidence of the poet

Charles Town – not sure what it is about this one, but maybe it’s because it reminds me of Guyana, where I had such a good experience with the people that I will always remember it fondly

Forres Park – the week this one came out it was paired with another poem, one that elicited a whole lot of attention, and one that is clearly a fun poem to read. Forres Park was the dark side of the pair, and it certainly didn’t have a feel-good vibe. I liked it regardless.


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