Moving back to normal (posting, that is)

and the cool weather is a-comin-in.

I’m noticing a pattern now. I tend to post about the weather in October and in March. That’s because seasons are different year — hot and wet and cool and dryish are the main two, and the hot and wet seems to dominate (starting in May and running to September). Or maybe it seems that way because it’s been summer for so long. When it’s summer you don’t remember what it’s like when it’s winter (which means that we don’t need air conditioning to function as people are expected to do in this twenty-first century world) and when it’s winter you don’t remember what it’s like in the summer but in October and March no day is predictable, no day is the same. Junes and Julys and Augusts are similiar and their days all run into one another — they’re hot and you may well have rain. Decembers and Januarys and Februarys are also similar — they’re cooler, breezier, maybe overcast (if cool weather’s coming in) maybe lovely. But October and March (and April too) are months when you can wake up and the weather’s completely different. And exciting. And changing.

Today’s one of those breezy and overcast days. The pool water’s still warm but there was no difference between the inside and the outside when I stepped out of the house just now, except that the air was moving around (you could call it wind, but it was snatchy and unpredictable) and some northern bird was sitting on the telephone wire, singing away.

And I would’ve taken a picture if I could freeze the wind and show it to you and if I didn’t know that I did the selfsame thing last October round this time, so.

My words will have to do.



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