Fall Cleaning

It’s time I got my life in order. This semester was a good one, not too hectic, with manageable courses and reasonable marking. Next semester I may be back to teaching English which is a far heavier load when it comes to marking — no group presentations and papers, and you have to read each word carefully and help students figure out their weaknesses.

I have been suffering from online snafus for the better part of a year now and have decided to take control. So I’ve begun! I’m going through my emails and am streamlining, streamlining. I’m gonna make enable the checking of mail from my iPhone at last (been ducking that because of all the high-class JUNQUE that I have been getting in my email boxes). I’m reconsidering my subscriptions to various RSS feeds and rethinking how I’m gonna follow them. I may even retool how I’m going to deal with the various blogs I have, which are mushrooming. Addicted to blogging, that’s what I am.

Anyway. Just thought I’d let you know.

And thought I’d share a little tidbit: in cleaning out one of my email accounts (which dates back to the time when I had, oh, two) I found an acceptance for three of my poems. From last January. Egad.

Lucky for me all of them had already been accepted and published elsewhere, and this email was asking for them if they weren’t already published. It was that which made me act.

I tell you.


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