Lord of the Dreams

Two weeks ago, when I was told to stay at home to weather a bout of the dizzy-flu (don’t ask), I decided to watch The Lord of the Rings again. Now I am a mild Tolkien fan, and was one of those people who was of the opinion that his books were unfilmable, and so Peter Jackson’s achievement was something in which I invested.

Since watching the movie in its initial extended version (we didn’t buy the complete, extra-extended version that was released after The Return of the King was released, figuring that we already owned enough of what would be included in the Big Package to make the purchase of another package indulgent), I then moved on to watching the supplementary information for the last film. I went through everything the first film had to offer, and thought I’d viewed the appendices of The Two Towers, but was pretty sure I hadn’t done so for ROTK (I was right). And of course, having watched the end, I have had to go back to the beginning.

It’s left me thinking: about dreaming the impossible and making it happen, about the creative process, about the all-too-frequent denigration of that process by bureaucrats and other infidels, and about the almost magical power of collaboration and creativity. And it made me want to dream bigger and make things happen.

I doubt seriously that anyone can pull off a LOTR coup again, or anything much like it. But it makes one want to dream. And that’s pretty good in itself.


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