Literary Explosion

Anybody else notice that the world has exploded with damn good poetry? That everyone’s publishing all of a sudden, and that a lot of the stuff that’s getting published is not half bad?

It’s not really all that surprising. The internet, access to print on demand, and so on, have liberated people’s ability to write, and have allowed people who had never read a poem outside of an academic institution (and come to think of it, I was one of those people — I just happened to spend a lot of my life within an academic institution) to read, write, critique, and discuss poetry in ways that I don’t think have happened since the turn of the last century.

What is surprising is the quality of what’s out there. Sure, there’s a lot of crap. But there’s also a whole lot of good poetry as well, a really interesting lot of good poetry, a whole range of different styles, some seriously fine young poets, some careful older ones too.

Something’s going on, y’all. Nic’s 10 questions are on the money, but are only scratching the surface. Take it from me.

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