Tongues of the Ocean Issue 5

tongues of the oceanThe June 2010 issue of tongues of the ocean went live at midnight today.

This one’s a little different. We’ve taken a cross-disciplinary exhibition and put it into cyberspace. Instead the customary two pieces of writing a week, we’ve got a literary piece and a piece of visual art. This is how the exhibition—”A Sudden and Violent Change”, created for The Hub in Nassau for the Transforming Spaces Art Tour—was set up: writers creating pieces that artists used as inspiration for other pieces.

In the gallery, the art took precedence. The Hub is a small space anyway, and the impact of any exhibition there can be quite remarkable, but in this case it stood out. The literary pieces were harder to appreciate. They were collected in an anthology that was for sale, but if you didn’t buy the book (it was the publication of a small local press, perfect bound and handmade, in a limited edition with a limited edition sort of price) you didn’t get the full impact. You didn’t see the writing that inspired the art. And because it was a handmade book, the art was collected in a centre section, with the writing at the outer ends of the collection. At no point, then, did you see the writing and the art it inspired side by side.

So toto decided to add to the collaboration and bring the two together on the web, to put the art next to the writing that was its inspiration. “A Sudden and Violent Change” is the frame of this issue, with half of it running in June and the rest of it running in August, and with a slice of July to feature our regular submissions.

Go check it out. And while you’re at it, have a look at this take on it, from the Caribbean Review of Books‘ own blog.

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