Oh. Wow. Nic’s on fire!!

Nic Sebastian’s Whale Sound. Not to be confused with Blogsphere, though it looks the same. It sounds entirely different.

Dear Poet X – I am writing to ask your permission to record and post recordings of your poems A & C, which appear online in locations Y & Z. The recordings will form part of a larger project, the idea for which evolved generally out of a recent interview series on “Poets & Technology” and specifically, out of a suggestion made by Amy King in her responses to those interview questions.

One thought on “Oh. Wow. Nic’s on fire!!

  1. Hey Scavella! We’re using the same WordPress theme! Great minds, you know.
    Thanks for the shout-out. Feedback always welcome – still feeling my way here with both the technology and the concept itself. But am finding the process riveting so far. Best, N

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